Wonderful Team Member Readership Award


I want to thank Daisy and The Fox for nominating me for this award!  I have just recently begun to follow her beautiful and inspiring blog.  It really is amazing that just a few short months ago, I started on this adventure, having a desire to share all my culinary passions and travels.  Never did I think that I would meet so many people in this wonderful community and learn so much from them.

As the rules say, which are very simple, I have to nominate 14 other blogs that I love:

Things my Belly Likes


Acorn in My Kitchen

Made by Mike

Putney Farm

Girl in a Food Frenzy

Dutch Goes Italian

Chica Andaluza

Playing with Flour

Deux Chicago

Aly Garlic Hands

Daily Frosting

Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen

Blue Jelly Beans

And that’s all folks!  Thank you so much again Daisy and The Fox!

4 comments on “Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

  1. Huge congrats to you and muchísimas gracias for the nomination 🙂

  2. daisyandthefox says:

    congratulations!! you most certainly deserve it! 🙂
    and thank-you for your very kind words 🙂

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