My very first award!

Now, after my whole kitchen fiasco, I am so pleased and flattered that Acorn in the Kitchen has nominated me for

It just brightened up my whole day!  Ok, so I will have to abide by the rules, (which I didn’t know there were)

Here are seven things about myself:

1.  I talk to my dogs.  (And I think they understand me.)

2.  I actually majored in Art History and Theater before becoming a Chef.

3.  I secretly wish I could sing better, and belt out tunes whenever anyone will let me.

4. I am dreaming of opening up my own bakery.

5. I have never been to Asia.  (Unless you count the Asian side of Istanbul)

6. I don’t own a car.

7. I’m afraid of Ferris Wheels.  But I LOVE Roller Coasters.

Ok, so on to the next part, my nominations for versatile bloggers are as follows:


Girl in a Food Frenzy


Travelling Foodies

Things My Belly Likes

Deux Chicago

Finger, Fork & Knife

Marinating Online

The Daily Norm

Chilli Marmalade

Ok, I apologize if I haven’t done this correctly, but congratulations to all my nominees!  Apparently I have to add a link to this page as well:

Versatile Blogger Award Rules

Woot woot!




6 comments on “My very first award!

  1. Hi Carla, I’m very pleased to hear your day got a lot better! I’m thrilled to learn those little quirks about you too. I ‘know’ that dogs can understand us (once) they know us well! I think you should definitely open your own bakery one day! I love ferris wheels (but) definitely can’t do roller coasters tho,

    Brilliant! Big congrats on your award and (thank you) for my nomination. I’ll send a link back to you once I update (my page!) 🙂

  2. andylmoore says:

    Congrats! And you’re a bright star in a dull sky for nominating me.
    Now am I supposed to do something?

    And what sized tin did you use for your blueberry cheesecake???? Important stuff.

    • expatchef says:

      Hey Andy, you’re welcome and well deserved! I posted a link to what you’re supposed to do….I didn’t know either 🙂
      Oh, and for the cheesecake, I used a 9 inch round spring form pan, it’s easier to unmould the cheesecake that way!

  3. Colovibes says:

    Primero que nada…Congrats!!! Y segundo…Thanks por la nomination!!!!!!!!Ya tendré que ponerme pilas con lo de las rules este weekend!! Un besito!!!!!

  4. Kate Olsson says:

    Thank you for the nomination Carla. I’m rapt! Kx

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